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Lifetime Gymnastics Success System

While we are as interested as any gymnast or parent in achieving gymnastics success (and we will have plenty of that), our primary goal is to teach gymnasts how to be successful and winners for their entire lives. Everything we do in the gym is done with that in mind.

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Goal Oriented Program for Each Gymnast and the Team

We mutually set S.M.A.R.T. daily, short-term, annual and career goals with each gymnast and have written short-term, annual and long-term goals for the team and the gym. Focusing on goals makes progress and success virtually assured.

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We Are an Equal Opportunity Team

In other gyms, coaches pretend that they are capable of picking what gymnast is going to be number one on the team, five, six or ten years in the future. We allow every gymnast, who has a strong desire to be on team, and is willing to fulfill all the requirements of the team training program, to be trained in exactly the same training system.

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Every Team Member is a Star

We consider every gymnast a potential Elite/high level optional gymnast. And we train all our gymnasts to be high level optional gymnasts from the first day they are on the team. The compulsory levels are only used to give gymnasts the necessary competition experience.

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Operant Conditioning Coaching

Our coaches have been trained to use operant conditioning, while virtually unknown and unused in the gymnastics industry, operant conditioning is the only coaching method capable of directly influencing gymnasts’ subconscious minds. And gymnasts’ subconscious minds control all of their physical activity, including the performance of their skills and routines. It is literally the best and fastest coaching training tool there is.

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Positive Coaching Program

Contrary to what some believe about positive coaching, we don’t lie to gymnasts or use fake compliments to supposedly build self esteem. We build upon and reinforce each success of our gymnasts. We find what we like about what a gymnast is doing, make sure they understand what we want them to continue to do and build upon that. In combination with operant conditioning, we have the most powerful psychological coaching training tools in our area.

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Gymnasts’ Visual Training

Our gym has the most advanced system of gymnastics visual training in the area. The power of visual training for faster learning, in a visual sport like gymnastics, is extremely powerful.

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Every aspect of our team program has been created and is managed in a professional manner, including every aspect of the gymnastics business, coaching and in implementing the training program.

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Our training program is not some cookie-cutter training that produces gymnasts all doing the same skills and similar routines. Our training program is designed to create unique skill combinations and routines that match each gymnast’s skills, talents and personality.

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We have a highly organized gymnastics training system and every practice is meticulously planned and executed, with the needs of each individual team member taken into consideration. Training plans extend not just through the current competition year, but take into consideration where a gymnast is in their gymnastics career.

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Zero Injury Tolerance

Many gyms and coaches just assume and expect injuries to occur. As with most expectations for gymnasts, what is expected is most likely to occur. Our coaches are trained and know how to eliminate or minimize the possibility of injury and we are vigilant to make sure that our safety program continuously improves.

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Dedicated Strength Area

Understanding how important strength is in the sport of gymnastics, we have part of our gym dedicated to strength training. Utilizing this area allows our gymnasts to reach maximum strength to body weight ratios in the shortest amount of time, compared to traditional gymnastics strength programs.