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Parents Night Out - Ages 5-17* +

Parents Night Out is 3 hours of fun for kids 5 –17*!  There is a brief warm-up followed by free time in the gym to work on gymnastics skills, explore the gym, go through obstacle courses, play on the trampolines, or come up with your own games!

We will provide minimum to no spotting during Parents Night Out. Parents Night Out is meant for kids to  have fun and work on skills they can already do safely.  If your goal is to learn a new skill (with a coach) or be spotted, we provide private Lessons and classes to teach and work new skills.

Why do Parents Night Out?

  • For a night with your spouse or to yourself!
  • Your kids will come home exhausted!
  • Your kids have a great time!
  • Your kids will eat pizza and have fruit punch!

Days & Times

  • Saturdays from 6:30-9:30pm
  • NOT offered Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend
  • NOT offered on some holidays

Ages 5-17* years are welcome from 6:30-9:30 pm
Price: $18

Includes Pizza and drinks.
No discount if not eating, arriving late or leaving early.

Must Know:

  • Waiver must be signed for participation, Online Waiver
  • Parent/guardian is welcome to stay and watch but not required to
  • Children must be 5 years or older to attend
  • Cheerleaders are allowed at all ages, through adult, boys and girls but are only allowed to work stunting and tumbling. If performing parkour (freerunning) actitivies, you will be asked to leave.
  • *** No boys over age 14 years old unless they are students or cheerleaders due to insurance restrictions
    • This is due to the number of deaths and serious injuries from Parkour or Free-running, most commonly done by boys 14 and up. Most people in Parkour have had zero gymnastics experience and come into a gym attempting skills they aren't ready to do. That is what has led to the injuries, followed by insurance companies not covering this age group during open gym. Boys with who are current or past students will be covered in open gym because they meet the expectation of having gymnastics experience by the insurance company. Thank you for your understanding.
Preschool Open Gym - Ages 3-6 +

Looking for something to do for a mom’s group or an activity for your child?  We provide a preschool open gym for ages 3-6 years old that is ran inside our preschool area. This is an unstructured time that allows your child to explore, play and do the activities they want to. Supervision is provided, coaching and spotting is kept to a minimum.

  • Great way to let your kids burn off some energy!
  • It is inside, so no matter the weather outside, it is a good experience!
  • Think of it as a huge, padded playground!
  • Some spotting and one to one attention (depending on size of open gym, safety first!)


  • Saturdays from 12:15-1:15pm
  • No Pre-School open gym Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend
  • No Pre-School open gym when Saturday morning classes are cancelled
  • To view calendar for cancelled dates go to: Calendar & Forms

Cost:  $7 per child

Must Know

  • Waiver must be signed for participation
  • Parent/guardian is welcome to stay and watch but not required to
  • You must pick your child up on time
  • No adults in the gym area
Field Trips - All Ages +

Kids First Gymnastics offers the most fun and energetic field trips in the area.  Your children will jump, tumble, run and fly during an hour of non-stop fun.  No previous experience is needed and the children are taught and supervised by experienced and safety trained coaches.

  • Boys and girls over age 3 attend your facility?
  • Your kids need to burn off energy?
  • Looking for something different to do?
  • Want another tool to market to your parents?
  • Want to offer the most fun physical activity for your kids?

Cost:  $7 a child/hour with a minimum cost of $70 per hour

Discounts: Additional discounts available if you schedule multiple field trips or large groups

Open Gyms & Parents Night Out run after Labor Day weekend until memorial day weekend.

Please be sure to check our calendar for events: Calendar & Schedule

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