I am new to Kids First, where do I start? +


  • Our Preschool Gymnastics program offers three levels of gymnastics curriculum for boys and girls from 15 months through 6 years old.
  • Our Recreational Gymnastics program offers gymnastics classes for boys and girls from 6 years old to 17 years old.
    • Our recreational gymnastics classes offers training for girls in tumbling, vault, uneven bars, balance beam and trampoline.
    • Our recreational trampoline & tumbling (T&T) classes offer training for boys and girls in power tumbling, trampoline and double-mini trampoline.
  • Our Kids First Warrior program offers classes for boys and girls, taught in separate groups, ages 3 through 11.
    • Our Lil' Warrior Training classes (ages 3-6) offer high-energy general gymnastics and obstacle course training.
    • Our Warrior Sports Training class (ages 6-11) offer high-energy training focused on drills, warm-ups and training games from gymnastics, obstacle course training, cross training, boxing, football, basketball, wrestling, and many more.

• How to register: You can search for a specific class by clicking Search Classes

How does my child advance through Kids First programs? +


  • Recreational Gymnastics
    • Little Gym (Three Levels of Curriculum - Bronze, Silver and Gold)
      • Toddlers (15 months-3 years)
      • Preschool (3-4 years old)
      • Kindergarten (5-6 years old)
      • TAG (3-6 years old girls, invitation only – beginner gymnastics geared to prepare girls for the Novice level)
    • Big Gym: Ages 6 and up
      • Girls Gymnastics:
        • Beginner
        • Novice
        • Rising Stars (Invitation Only) or
        • Girls Competitive Team Program
      • Trampoline and Tumbling (T&T)
        • T&T 1
        • T&T 2 or Firecraker Pre-Team (Invitation Only)
        • T&T Competitive Program
  • Kids First Warriors
    • Lil' Warrior Training (Ages 3-6)
      • White
      • Green
      • Purple
What does your facility offer? +


• Tour the Facility to see pictures of our gym
• Atmosphere is: FUN and positive culture, all while learning gymnastics and life lessons. This is reinforced with our continuous training with positive coaching.
• Equipment: We are the only gym to offer all the equipment progressions in one location. This means that your child can have skills safely broken down into small parts encouraging daily progress and learning!
• Technology: We provide several video recording stations allowing the athletes to see what they did. This is great for the students who are visual learners!
• Class times: Most gyms run parent/toddler classes for 30 minutes and preschool classes for 55 minutes. Here at Kids First Gymnastics we run our parent/toddler class for 55 minutes and preschool class for 55 minutes.

How do payments work? +


• You are charged monthly, just like any other health club or other monthly memberships
• You must have a credit card/debit card on file

• Payment Options:
⇒ We will process your card on file on the 26th for the upcoming month or
⇒ Have an alternative payment to us before the 26th for the upcoming month

• If you would like to stop being billed, you must fill out a Drop Form

How do I drop a class? +


What should my child wear? +


• Girls Gymnastics: leotards, socks or bare feet, hair tied up, NO jewelry except post ear-rings; spandex shorts are acceptable
• Boys: T-shirt, shorts, socks or bare feet
• Kids First Warriors: Lil' Warrior Training or Warrior Sports Training shirt and shorts
• Taekwondo: t-shirt and shorts

What discounts do you offer? +


• If your family is enrolled in 2 or more classes (same child or multiple children), you will be in our “Super 10 Club” and get a 10% discount on the 2nd, 3rd, etc…class. Discount is given on the lowest monthly tuition.

• If you work at Trinity Health Care System (St Lukes), Mercy Hospitals, or Cedar Rapids Police Department
⇒ Show your badge or proof of employment, receive a $40 one time only tuition credit to your account

What if I refer a friend? +


• If a friend puts your name as the referral when they register, you will receive a $10 tuition credit on your account (per family that signs up for classes)
• There is no limit to the number of referrals credit you can earn!

What is your bad weather policy? +


• We will make an announce on our website and Facebook
• We do not follow school closings and may be open even if school was cancelled.

What if we miss a class and need to make-up? +


  • We view classes just like any college does. Once you sign up, you pay for that class and time. We do understand “life” happens and that is why we provide a make-up class once a month.  You must pre-register for these make-up classes, they do fill up.
    • Toddler Classes (15 mo-3 years)
      • Call the office to schedule a make-up time in another toddler class
    • Recreational Gymnastics & T&T:
      • Monthly Make-Up Class is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of every month from 5:40-6:25 pm
        • Preschool and Kindergarten are combined
        • All Beginners, Novice and T&T are combined
    • Kids First Warriors:
      • Monthly Make-Up Class is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of every month from 6:40-7:25 pm
What are the health benefits of gymnastics? +


• Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children are physical: the amazing power, the unparalleled balance, and agility and grace. Other experts say that the benefits are to the mind: the perseverance, the poise, the confidence, the attention to detail, the concentration. Which is right? Our experts know. The answer is, without a doubt, both. In fact, professional gymnastics training is a requisite for all kids who want to learn how to become the best they can be in life. Sound gymnastics training is for all kids.

• Gymnastics helps with physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. At Kids First Gymnastics, we utilize games, gymnastics skills, equipment, the trampoline and dancing to challenge children and foster their physical and mental development.Movement benefits the whole child and it promotes fitness, self-esteem, self-confidence and learning. Muscle skill development helps maintain a healthy body, while the mental development builds the brain for future success in reading, writing and math.All children need to move to be healthy—physically, mentally and emotionally. Movement is instinctive, natural and most of all beneficial. Get your child moving today at Kids First Gymnastics!

• Click Here to read an article summarizing the benefits of gymnastics

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